Assignment for "Cost & Benefit Analysis for Air Quality Management" and "Simple Interactive Databases and Models to Support Air Quality Management Decisions"

These interactive training and workshop sessions seek to provide an introduction to databases, models and analytical tools that can be used to assist in making informed decisions for air quality management. The focus will be to introduce tools that are simple and interactive and help make good use of modern information technology advances. For key topics relating to databases for air quality management, demonstration of some simple interactive systems and effective cost benefit analysis of management options will be provided along with useful reference material, followed by hands-on training, where you will be required to use data from your city of interest (request will be sent to selected participants).

Before the training, we request each of the interested parties to fill out the survey form below to the best of their knowledge. This information will be used to select the right mix of the participants from various backgrounds and prepare the workshop sessions to better suit the participants needs. Please complete the survey by Sunday, November 7, 2004.

Organizational Affiliation:
Type of Organization:
Which course is your FIRST choice?
Which course is your SECOND choice?
How often do you/does your organization make decisions related to AQM:
How often do you/does your organization use modeling/decision support tools for air quality management?
How often do you/does your organization use modeling/support tools for AQM?
What is your FIRST choice for pollutant of interest?
What is your SECOND choice for pollutant of interest?
Rank the following topics according to your interest (BE SURE TO USE ALL 8 RANKS EVEN IF TOPICS OVERLAP)
Air Quality Management Databases/Knowledge Base/GIS
Comprehensive Emissions Inventory Assesment
Vehicular/Mobile Source Pollution Assessment
Air Quality Monitoring
Dispersion Modeling and Source Apportionment
Impact Assessment(e.g. Health)
Economic Analysis/Analysis of Alternative Management Options
Integrated Air Quality Management
Which options are you most interested in analysing?
Policy (eg. standards, legislations)
Technical (e.g.fuel control systems, combustion technologies)
Economic/Financial (e.g. charges, taxes)
Institutional (e.g. inspection)
List three hurdles to the effective use of air quality management databases and analytical tools:
What types of systems for database management and modeling are you currently using (if any) for air quality management?
What decisions have you taken or are likely to take regarding air quality management?
What expectations do you have from this workshop?
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