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Lahore - Action Plan for Controlling Vehicular Pollution
Seminar organized by the City District Government of Lahore. Over 100 participants attended including the transport unions, two-stroke rickshaw manufacturers, and representatives from WHO and IUCN. (11 February 2005)

Key Points

The total number of vehicles in Lahore is increasing, causing more air pollution in the city. Particulate matter (PM), 2-storke vehicles, adulterated engine oil, and the lack of clear policy for replacing aging vehicles are blamed for much of Lahore's air pollution. In response, the Punjab Environment Protection Department, Lahore's City District Government, and Task Force Punjab will take measures to curb air pollution by formulating and implementing an air quality action plan. All stakeholders, especially media, should play a role in raising awareness about this issue.

  • Government will introduce 4-stroke two-wheelers to replace existing 2-stroke vehicles. Over 35,000 rickshaws currently ply Lahore's roads.
  • "Green fund" to be set up for soft loans for environment-friendly projects.
  • Diesel buses will be phased out, and eventually, only CNG buses will be allowed on the roads. CNG buses and autorickshaws to be imported from India.
  • I/M testing centers to be established, and the government will adopt a "pollutor pays" principle.

Press Clippings (scanned from newspapers, .JPG format)

CNG vehicles may be imported from India: minister
The News, 11 Feb 2005
"Environment Minister Makhdoom Ashfaq Ahmed Thursday said that auto-riskshaws should be imported from India...."
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Increasing number of vehicles causing pollution, says DCO
Daily Times, 11 Feb 2005
"The increasing number of vehicles in the city is being accompanied by increasing pollution, said Khalid Sultan, the Lahore district coordination officer (DCO), while addressing a seminar arranged by the Environment Department of the district government at the Pearl Continental on Thursday...."
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Plan to check vehicular pollution being evolved
The Dawn, 11 Feb 2005
"The Punjab Environment Protection Department and the City District Government, in collaboration with the task force on Lahore, is evolving an action plan to control vehicular pollution in the Metropolis...."
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Government gears up for anti-pollution campaign
The Nation, 11 Feb 2005
"Punjab Government is formulating an action plan for controlling vehicular pollution in major cities. As part of the preliminary preparation, the City District Government Environment Department organised a seminar here at a local hotel on Thursday to discuss the issue with major stakeholders and seek recommendation for improving air quality in Lahore...."
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