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Better Air Quality (BAQ) 2008
was held in Bangkok, Thailand
12-14 November 2008

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CAI-Asia Country Networks


Country Networks share CAI-Asia's common vision of better air quality for Asia and are part of the CAI-Asia Partnership. They are organized as registered associations; as non-stock, non-profit entities; or as informal networks. Country Networks mobilize action at the national and local level. They are multi-sectoral bodies consisting of organizations and individuals who have committed their time to promote the objectives of CAI-Asia in their repsective countries and cities. Every year, coordinators and focal points meet for a Country Network Summit to share achievements, scope future work, and create a stronger collaboration among other Country Networks.


CAI-Asia has actively engaged all partners in identifying problems and finding solutions which lead to better air quality management at the regional, national, and city levels. Most of the respondents in the CAI-Asia Phase I evaluation survey agreed that Country Networks are the best strategy to get a stronger involvement of city members in CAI-Asia activities.

CAI-Asia currently has 8 networks in Asia:

  1. China
  2. India
  3. Indonesia
  4. Nepal
  5. Pakistan
  6. Philippines
  7. Sri Lanka
  8. Vietnam

To know more about our Country Networks please contact our Country Network coordinators and focal points:


Yan Peng
Shan "Victoria" Huang


Harjinder Parwana


Dollaris "Waty" Suhadi


Gopal Raj Joshi


Mohammad Aqib

Ahmad Saeed


Vicky Segovia

Sri Lanka

Sugath Yalegama

Ruwan Weerasooriya

Viet Nam

Phan Quynh Nhu


In the relaxed atmosphere of Sophie Punte’s house in Manila, CAI-Asia Center staff and coordinators and representatives from eight CAI-Asia Country Networks brainstormed on how CAI-Asia could realize its goal of becoming a stronger organization by 2010 by smoothly transitioning from its "consolidation phase" in 2008 to "delivery phase" in 2009. At the end of the two-day summit, Country Network representatives and CAI-Asia Center staff felt energized, inspired and there was a stronger team spirit.

Country Network Summit ReportCountry Network Summit Report
[.pdf, 905.9Kb]


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