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Better Air Quality (BAQ) 2008
was held in Bangkok, Thailand
12-14 November 2008

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International Partnership for the Hydrogen Economy Meeting
23 October 2007, Shanghai, China

Summary Notes by Cornie Huizenga, Exec. Director, CAI-Asia Center

  • Meeting organized by International Partnership for the Hydrogen Economy to discuss roadmap for establishment of a hydrogen infrastructure and the hydrogen economy;
  • Substantial efforts have been made in areas of research and development on hydrogen production, storage, transport and use in vehicles, light vehicles, electronics;
  • We are on the verge of moving from purely R+D to actual demonstration projects on the ground and more attention is now being focused on policy related questions on what needs to be done in terms of regulations and policies (e.g. taxation and subsidies) to facilitate the large scale introduction of FC vehicles;
  • Impression: up to 2020 it will be still be small numbers (in the thousands), however by 2050 we can expect about 20-40% of vehicles to be powered as FC;
  • There are substantial costs connected to this – for USA $ 26 billion in the period up to 2025;
  • General Motors unequivocally stated that GM aims at total electrification of the car. This from internal combustion – alternative fuels – hybrid – extended range EV to Fuel Cell. They plan up to 2050.
  • Production of hydrogen is still a problem, possible sources coal, biomass, renewables, nuclear.
  • What is striking is the strong partnership that has been established between academe, private sector and government. In the case of Europe all research funds are not pooled together in "Joint Technology Development Initiative". Funds under the 7 th Framework Research Program (460 million Euro) all channeled through this and matched by a consortium of 60 companies.
  • According to IEA China way ahead of India. China is starting to play with the big boys, India not.
  • How to cover hydrogen in the LTV – this will depend on the time frame of the LTV. If we adopt 2030 it will make sense to make reference and to make some effort in formulating a transition scenario. Some Asian countries would by that time have reasonable numbers of FC vehicles and would be in the process of establishing their own hydrogen infrastructure. However, the overwhelming majority of vehicles would still be traditional IC engines with probably a larger share of biofuel, hybrid and electric vehicles.

To learn more about IPHE please visit their website

Int'l Partnership for the Hydrogen Economy Meeting
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