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Better Air Quality (BAQ) 2008
was held in Bangkok, Thailand
12-14 November 2008

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Mission, Goals, and Outputs

The CAI-Asia Partnership is a multi-sector forum on urban air quality in Asia where partners from different sectors can meet, exchange experiences and engage in dialogue on urban air quality with the aim to promote better urban AQM in Asian cities.


The main goals of the CAI-Asia Partnership are:

(i) Encourage the development and adoption of sound science as the basis of urban AQM;

(ii) Stimulate the development and implementation of policies, programs and projects on urban air quality; and

(iii) Review progress in urban AQM in Asia and outline future priorities for urban AQM; and

(iv) Foster coordination and cooperation with other regional programs and initiatives on urban air quality management in Asia.


The CAI-Asia Partnership will aim in the period 2007-2010 to realize the following outputs:

(i) Improvement in the awareness among stakeholders on the need for and feasibility of strengthening of urban AQM in Asia;

(ii) Ambient air quality standards, emission standards and well-articulated AQM policies at national and local level for the prevention and control of mobile, stationary and area sources of air pollution have been formulated and are increasingly adopted and successfully implemented;

(iii) Well-established capacity to manage urban air quality in Asia has been developed among relevant stakeholders in Asia which includes trained manpower, monitoring equipment, and adequate operational budgets for urban AQM; and

(iv) Financing models for urban AQM in Asia developed and mobilization of adequate financial resources has resulted in improved financial sustainability of urban AQM in Asia.

The outputs of the CAI-Asia Partnership will be documented as part of the Partnership statement which will be formulated once every four years. The Strategy will outline how Partnership members can operationalize the objectives in the Partnership Statement in support of better air quality in Asian cities. A review and update of the Strategy will be made every two years to ensure it is a "living" and not a "static" document.


Strategy 2009-2012Strategy 2009-2012
[.pdf, 390.3Kb]

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Mission, Goals, and Outputs

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