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Reduction of Diesel Emission through Training/Repair and Maintenance at Dhaka Clinic
Amjad Uddin Ahmed, Dhaka Transport Coordination Board (DTCB)

Diesel vehicles, particularly buses and trucks, are considered presently the main air polluters of Dhaka Metropolitan City. Air Quality Management Project, under the Department of Environment, Ministry of Environment and Forest, Government of Bangladesh, conducted a pilot training program, to train drivers and mechanics on the proper maintenance and repair of diesel vehicles, to reduce emission. The training took place during the February and March, 2004, at Dhaka, Bangladesh. Eighty drivers/mechanics from different private/public organizations participated in the training. This training is a first of its kind in Bangladesh. The training consisted both theoretical and practical aspects. Each trainee received training for six days. The topics handles during the training were: complete and incomplete combustion; polluting gases; fuel, lubricating and cooling system; measuring smoke level, diagnosis of emission related faults and repair, special stress on fuel injection pump and injectors; and systematic maintenance and repair of engine/vehicle etc. 12 double decker buses from BRTC were used during the training. Smoke was measured and repair carried out. It was found that the smoke level reduced after tuning and repair. The training enhanced the knowledge of the trainees regarding air pollution and how to deal with vehicular emission through proper maintenance and repair. The drivers and mechanics can play an active role in reducing the vehicle emission. The training acted as an awareness generation amongst the trainees. It became apparent from the training that they would be disseminating the message of clean air to their friends and colleagues; and (while moving around) throughout the country.

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