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Rupesh Kumar Shah


Air pollution is one of the major problems of environmental sector. Different non-governmental and civil society is fighting for clean and healthy air right and there voice in media. Media (mass communication) is very useful tool for raise any issues and spread any types massage with effectively for general public, civil society, government and international community. In the context of Nepal, medial is playing constructive role and strong advocacy on issue of air pollution likes phase out of 20-years old vehicles, stops the operation of unregistered Brick Kilns, pollution status, standard compliance, fuel adulteration, awareness raising, cleaner vehicle promotion, women in air pollution and many other issues. There is increased media coverage and what and how covered by media on air pollution issues, its outcomes and achievement made so far in air pollution control in Nepal. The air pollution is not new phenomena in Nepal and it is now becoming one of the most rapidly growing environmental problems. A traditional fuel like cow dung, forest wood, agricultural residues in low ventilated house is main reason of heavy indoor air pollution in most of the rural areas of Nepal. Women are highly contributing in controlling air pollution since past few years. More than 200 women have trained for driving the cleaner vehicles called SAFA TEMPO (cleaner vehicle), which considered as Zero Emission vehicle not only to the improving of air quality but also serve the mass transportation vehicle operation and have adopted as their profession of driving those tempos as means of poverty elevation too. The media have to needed to continue watch on air pollution issues and disseminate and strong advocacy towards Air quality management.

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