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BAQ 2004 will give senior decision makers from all over Asia the opportunity to interact with private sector representatives, development agencies, NGOs, and government officials from other countries. Local and international experts will provide updated information about air quality issues and strategies facing the region and the rest of the world.

About 600-650 participants are expected to attend BAQ 2004:

  • 175 India-based participants (50% Delhi and 50% outside Delhi)
  • 250 participants from other Asian countries (China 30; Mongolia 4; Vietnam 20; Cambodia 10; Laos 8; Thailand 25; Philippines 25; Malaysia 15; Indonesia 25; Bangladesh 25; Nepal 15; Bhutan 8; Sri-Lanka 20; Pakistan 20)
  • 225 self-funded participants from outside Asia

If you would like to participate in BAQ 2004, please register online

Sponsored participants

Limited funding is available for participants within Asia who represent cities, national government agencies, NGOs, and academic institutions. However, participants from the private sector will have to fund themselves.

For India-based participants, contact Parthaa Bosu ( [email protected] , fax: 91 11 24648 222).

Non-paying participants from other countries, contact Glynda Bathan ( [email protected] , fax: 63 2 636 2381).

The BAQ 2004 Secretariat will inform those persons who will receive a sponsorship by email or fax. In addition, starting from October 25, regular updates and lists of sponsored participants will be posted on the website. In the meantime, we request persons who have requested sponsorship NOT to contact the BAQ 2004 Secretariat for updates.

BAQ 2004 Secretariat at [email protected] Fax: 00 632 636 2381