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Side events

A number of side events are being planned immediately before or after BAQ 2004, such as the CATNet-Asia meeting and the CAI-Asia General Assembly. If your organization would like to hold a side event, contact Cornie Huizenga ([email protected]) of the BAQ 2004 Secretariat.

The BAQ 2004 Secretariat will provide limited logistical support for these events but assumes no responsibility for its substantive content. Please note that all proposed side events must be approved by the Organizing Committee. "Closed sessions" mean that the event is by invitation only.

Event name
Simple Interactive Databases and Models to Support Air Quality Management Decisions (closed session, 30 participants)
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Dec 4 (whole day),
Diwane-e-aam 1

The World Bank (contact person: Samantha Constant)
South Asia Sub-Regional Economic Cooperation (SASEC), Regional Air Quality Management Program (closed session)
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Dec 5 (whole day),
Pavillion of China
ADB (contact person: Ricky Barba)
Workshop on Public Awareness Campaigns for Improving Air Quality Dec 5 (1 to 5pm),
Diwan-e-khas 2
USAEP/USAID (contact person: Standford Smith

Cost and Benefit Analysis of Pollution Control Options (closed session, 30 participants)
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Dec 5 (whole day),
Diwane-e-aam 1
The World Bank (contact person: Samantha Constant)
CATNet-Asia Planning Meeting, in cooperation with SEI-PCD Urban Air Quality Management Training Program for Lesser Developed Countries (closed session)
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Dec 5, 6
Pavillion Heights
CATNet-Asia and SEI (contact person: Glynda Bathan)
CAI-Asia Executive and Coordinating Council Meeting (closed session) Dec 5 (whole day),
Pool view pavillion
CAI-Asia (contact person: Glynda Bathan)
I/M Training Workshop Meeting Dec 5 (6pm),
CAI-Asia (contact person: Bert Fabian)
CAI-Asia General Assembly
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Dec 9 (am),
CAI-Asia (contact person: Glynda Bathan)
Partnership for Sustainable Transport in Asia (PSUTA) Dec 9 (pm),
Diwane-e-aam 1
ADB and EMBARQ (contact person: Lee Schipper)
Regional Approaches to Address Air Pollution in Asia
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Dec 9 (pm),
Diwane-e-aam 2
contact persons: Kevin Hicks, Cornie Huizenga, and Richard Mills
USAEP Country Managers Meeting (closed session) Dec 9 (pm),
Business Center
USAEP/USAID (contact person: Stanford Smith)
Special Health Investigators Workshop (closed session, Mughal Sheraton) Dec 9,
Mughal Sheraton Hotel
Health Effects Institute (contact persons: Robert O'Keefe and Sumi Mehta)
Cap and Trade of Stationary Source Emissions Dec 9,
Pool view pavillion
USEPA (contact person: Katherine Grover)

BAQ 2004 Secretariat at [email protected] Fax: 00 632 636 2381