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Call for abstracts

Key Dates:
Abstracts Due: 30 March 2006
Authors Advised: 30 May 2006
Papers Due: 30 June 2006

Until February 15th the BAQ 2006 Organizing Committee has received approximately 180 abstract submissions for the BAQ 2006. Realizing that some may not have been able to meet this original deadline, we are pleased to announce that the deadline is extended to 30 March 2006.

Following an initial review of the abstracts submitted we would encourage more submissions from the following countries: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Bhutan, Vietnam, Laos, Bangladesh, Philippines and Malaysia, from these countries we have received few if any abstracts. Also, we would like to receive more abstracts on new developments in AQM and its relevance to Asia from Europe, Japan, US and Australia.

In addition to the initial topics posted on the BAQ 2006 website (please refer below for the full topics) the following areas are being considered:

  • Role of Two- and Three-Wheelers in Asia
  • Air Pollution from Marine Vehicles
  • Reducing pollution from "old" public transport buses
  • Mercury Control from Coal Combustion
  • Role of Biofuels in reducing air pollution and mitigating climate change
  • Public participation in air quality management
  • Addressing emissions from small and medium scale industries
  • Open burning of solid wastes and agro-residues in the city and suburb areas
  • Introduction of smoking bans in public places
  • Regional air pollution within or between neighboring countries

Please note that authors from developing countries in Asia with accepted abstracts will be prioritized for sponsorship to take part in BAQ 2006.

Abstracts can be technical or policy related, and should have an Asian focus. Abstracts with a focus on Europe, USA, or others parts of the world should clearly state the relevance of the proposed paper for Air Quality Management in Asia. Abstracts will be accepted in the following areas:

  • Air quality management
  • Air quality monitoring
  • Air quality modeling
  • Trans-boundary air pollution
  • Climate change in relationship to local air pollution and air quality management
  • Health impacts of air pollution
  • Environmental impacts of air pollution
  • Economic impacts of air pollution
  • Source apportionment of air pollution
  • Emission inventories
  • Air pollution indexes and other forms of air quality reporting
  • Control strategies for mobile sources of pollution including sustainable transport planning
  • Control strategies for stationary sources of pollution including emission trading
  • Awareness raising for air quality management
  • Financing of air quality management
  • Institutional arrangements for air quality management including capacity building
  • Other areas with a clear relevance to air quality management in Asia

Abstract Submission Guidelines

The deadline for submission of abstracts in on 30 March 2006. Abstracts should NOT exceed 300 words and should be saved in an MS Word compatible format (.doc). Abstracts will not be considered if they promote products or services, lack originality, or do not fall within the areas specified above.

Abstracts must address the objectives of the workshop and must be in the following format:

  • Paper title: 16 pt Arial font, all capitals, centered
  • Authors' names: 12 pt Arial, sentence case, spaced 2.5 mm (or 7 pt) beneath the title and centered
  • Authors' affiliations and addresses: 9 pt Arial. Presenting author's name underlined.
  • Body of abstract 10 pt Arial, justified
  • With two to four keywords
  • If you are contributing more than one abstract, please submit on a separate basis

Please send your abstracts to Herbert Fabian ([email protected]) with a copy to Cornie Huizenga ([email protected]).

Review and announcement of acceptance

The BAQ 2006 organizing committee reserves the right to exclude abstracts from its review which do not meet the guidelines and to decide whether the abstract is accepted for oral or poster presentation. Those authors who do not wish to be considered for oral presentation and who prefer to make a poster presentation are requested to indicate their preference in the covering email.

Authors will be advised of the acceptance of their abstracts before 30 May 2006.

Upon acceptance of the abstracts the BAQ 2006 organizing committee will inform the abstract authors of the detailed requirements for the papers and PowerPoint presentations to be submitted and/or posters to be prepared.

The submission date for the papers will be 30 June 2006. Papers should be limited to only 6 pages while PowerPoint presentations should be no larger than to 20 slides.

Download sample format

Integrated Air Quality Management in IndonesiaIntegrated Air Quality Management in Indonesia
[.doc, 20.9Kb]

(abstract presented for BAQ 2004, held in Agra, India)