"Raising public awareness is a CAI-Asia priority and BAQ 2006 has brought together two dozen international and domestic journalists for a two day training workshop before covering the meeting."

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Yogya Bangkit! ("Yogya Revival")

The villagers have rebuilt their houses semi-permanently using recycled tents and interweaved bamboo strands. Some has build their houses in more permanent construction. The on going reconstruction of houses are mostly self-funded. They are also in a process of rebuilding a mosque.

Meanwhile, some shelters and public facilities are built on the initiatives of some non-government organizations, like Cindelaras, Bhakti Yogya, and Forestry Faculty of GMU. One public well and two toilets are under construction. The facilities that haven’t been reconstructed is Kindergarten (1-damaged) and Community Center Building for Villagers (1-damaged).

After the earthquake, the villagers have significant problems in obtaining clean water. Most of their wells are damaged by the earthquake. It is getting harder now since the rain has not fall although it should have been a rainy season. Although some wells are still in good condition and one unit of public well has been built, it is not sufficient for all the villagers.

Consquently, the villagers use the river as the main water source. Almost 50% of them uses the river for bathing, cooking, and washing. Worse, they also use the river for toilet and bathing cattle. For the ones who lives in the upper area of the village, the situation is much more difficult. Their wells are all dry and the only public well and toilet are located at the lower part of the village. They have to carry jugs of water on their back and walk down the hilly road to get clean water from the public well or from the river. They had never get such difficulties before.


On 27 May 2006, one of the worst earthquakes in human history struck the peaceful city of Yogyakarta. The disaster caused millions of dollars in damage and the deaths of over six thousand people. Despite the valiant efforts of the Government of Indonesia to rebuild their city and provide critical relief to the survivors, more funds are needed.

The BAQ Organizing Committee, which has recently decided to move the Better Air Quality 2006 workshop to December this year, is helping to raise money for the reconstruction and rehabilitation effort. Recently, CAI-Asia and the Ministry of Environment agreed to participate in the "YOGYA BANGKIT!" (YOGYA REVIVAL) campaign launched by the City and Province of Yogyakarta to rebuild areas damaged by the quake. The BAQ Organizing Committee will raise funds among BAQ 2006 participants, BAQ 2006 supporting organizations, and sponsors to support reconstruction activities in certain areas, namely,

  1. Pager Gunung II Village (Piyungan District, Bantul Regency), and
  2. the Kota Gede area of Yogyakarta City (an important tourist destination, crucial to reviving the local economy)

The Pager Gunung village, in particular, was virtually destroyed by the earthquake. Homes were reduced to rubble; families lost everything they owned and loved. However, the spirit of people cannot be destroyed so easily, and everyone did their part to help their neighbor.

In the same vein, actions speak louder than pictures. A Memorandum of Understanding was recently signed between Gadjah Mada University (GMU) and CAI-Asia, authorizing the latter to accept financial contributions for the Yogya Bangkit! campaign. GMU, in coordination with the City and Province of Yogyakarta, will oversee the spending of the funds. By giving money to the Yogya Bangkit campaign, you will help these people not only rebuild their homes, but also their lives. Your donations, which will be coordinated and overseen by GMU, will be used to contribute towards restoring communal water and sanitation facilities in Pager Gunung and reconstructing small scale handicraft workshops at Kota Gede area in Yogyakarta City.


The BAQ Secretariat is authorized to accept donations via credit card, bank transfer, or cash.

(a) To pay by credit card, download and print out the credit card form then fax to the BAQ Secretariat.

(b) To pay by bank transfer, send your donation to the following bank account:

Account Name: Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities
Saving Dollar Account No.: 5378-00202-0

Bank name: Equitable PCIBank ADB Avenue Ortigas Branch
Bank address: Ground Floor, Robinson's Equitable Tower, ADB Avenue corner Poveda Street, Ortigas Center, Pasig, Metro Manila, Philippines

(c) To make a cash contribution, the BAQ Secretariat will collect cash donations during the BAQ 2006 workshop. Collection baskets will be made available so that all BAQ participants will have the opportunity to give any amount they can spare for Yogya Bangkit.

Subsequently, all funds will be turned over to Gadjah Mada University in a special ceremony on the last day of the BAQ 2006 workshop. GMU will disburse and closely monitor their use in the reconstruction and provide detailed financial reports to CAI-Asia.

In return for your generosity, CAI-Asia will post your name or that of your organization in the CAI-Asia and BAQ 2006 websites. Donors may also request not to have their names posted on the website.

We hope that you will help support this humanitarian campaign. Let's all do our part for the people of Yogyakarta.

- BAQ 2006 Organizing Committee