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Papa Project: Call for Information and Qualification

The Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities and theHealth Effects Institute

Request for Information and Qualification
for New Studies of the Effects of Air Pollution in Asian Cities

March 2003

Through this Request for Information and Qualification, HEI seeks to identify scientists interested in conducting epidemiologic studies of air pollution in Asia. Interested candidates should inform HEI of their qualifications and the availability of air pollution and health data using the Statement of Information and Qualification.

The deadline for submission of the Statement is May 22, 2003.

This RFIQ is a key step in implementing a major new research initiative, the Public Health and Air Pollution in Asia (PAPA) program. PAPA was recently launched by HEI in cooperation with the Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities. PAPA is a 4-year multi!part program designed to provide scientific information on the effects of air pollution in Asia. A key component of the initiative is funding of a coordinated set of epidemiologic studies in four major Asian cities.

The RFIQ provides information on the PAPA program and explains the process for selecting cities and investigators for the epidemiologic studies.

The RFIQ and the application form (Statement of Information and Qualification) can also be found at:

Questions about the program should be addressed to:

Dr Maria Costantini
Health Effects Institute
120 Second Avenue,
Boston MA 02129-4533 USA
Tel: +1-617-886-9330 (ext 302)
Fax: +1-617-886-9335
e-mail: [email protected]

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