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Better Air Quality 2002 Conference
Better Air Quality (BAQ) 2002 Workshop 16-19 December 2002 Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

The regional workshop on Better Air Quality in Asia and Pacific Rim Cities was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on 16-18 December 2002. As the largest regional event on air quality, BAQ 2002 was a big success. Nearly 600 local and international participants attended the event, representing government agencies, civil society, industry associations, research and academic institutions, development organizations, and the private sector. For three days, stakeholders met to review the current status of air quality management in Asia and to formulate recommendations for improvement. CAI-Asia is proud to have played a very active role in the BAQ organizing committee.

Participants can now download PDF versions of the workshop presentations and papers here. Presentations available for downloading include:

Opening session speeches
Keynote addresses

  • Sub-workshop 1: Strategic Air Quality Management
  • Sub-workshop 2: Air Quality Monitoring
  • Sub-workshop 3: Stationary Sources
  • Sub-workshop 4: Mobile Sources
  • Sub-workshop 5: Institutional Arrangements for Air Quality Management
  • Sub-workshop 6: Climate Change

City Focus
City Forum
Closing session
Poster presentations

Recommendations of the sub-workshops are available here.

To view the BAQ photo gallery, please click here.

BAQ 2002 was made possible through the generous assistance from workshop sponsors and supporting organizations.


About BAQ 2002

Workshop Presentations


Supporting Organizations

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