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Stakeholder Workshop Announcement
Stakeholder Workshop on Asia Regional Air Quality Training Consortium May 28-31, 2002, Manila, Philippines

Organized by


The US Environmental Protection Agency, the US-Asia Environmental Partnership, the Asian Development Bank and the World Bank are organizing, as part of the Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities, a workshop to design an "Asia Regional Air Quality Training Consortium." The training consortium will provide training and information to air quality professionals throughout Asia. This "stakeholder" workshop will be held in Manila, the Philippines, at the ADB Headquarters, May 28-31, 2002.

The main objectives of the upcoming workshop are to design the training consortium, plan the first phase of the consortium, discuss regional training needs, and train facilitators for the World Banks Urban Air Quality Management Distance Learning Course. Participants in this workshop will include those who are familiar with the training needs in Asia (national and local government agencies), institutions and/or universities who provide air quality training, and those who are interested in being involved in the design and implementation of a training consortium. We very much want to take advantage of existing training and expertise in the region, and believe that the consortium should be designed by and for the Asia region.

This will be a small-scale workshop. Participants are expected to have a strong commitment to training on air quality management. We will expect active involvement of all participants in the workshop.

In some instances, US-AEP, the World Bank and/or the ADB may be able to partially cover the costs of travel to Manila. A block of rooms has been reserved at the Manila Galleria Suites Hotel, across the street from the ADB.

If you are interested in the proposed training consortium, or if you feel that you are qualified to take part in this workshop, please contact one of the following persons:

Jane Metcalfe
Phone: 202-564-6451
Fax: 202-565-2411
[email protected]
Asian Development Bank
Glynda Bathan
Phone: 632-632-5151
Fax: 632-636-2198
[email protected]
Mary Zalesny
Phone: 202-712-1725
Fax: 202-216-3379
[email protected]
The World Bank
Paul Procee
Phone: 202-458-2472
Fax: 202-676 0977/8
[email protected]
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