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Mobility Workshop of the WBCSD Sustainable Mobility Project
November 22, 2002. Shangai.


The Sustainable Mobility Project joins up with the International Association of Public Transport (UITP) for a unique event focusing on the future of global transport - embracing all transport modes, public and private transport alike.

Workshop announcementWorkshop announcement
[.pdf, 25Kb]
Download the workshop announcement. 7 pp.

The findings so far of the Sustainable Mobility Project will be presented and two round tables with top level experts from the project and UITP representatives from around the globe will debate and discuss them to help form a vision for sustainable mobility.

If you are interested in attending this workshop, please send an email to [email protected] Make sure to include your name and contact details. You will find more about the event in the invitation letter attached. Further information and an agenda will be made available prior to the event. Participation in this interactive workshop is free of charge.

The Sustainable Mobility Workshop is being held in conjunction with three other important international events - the UITP Asia Pacific Congress, a conference on metropolitan railways and a Mobility City Transport Exhibition.


UITP Asia-Pacific Congress: Public Transport in Asia-Pacific: innovative, affordable, sustainableUITP Asia-Pacific Congress: Public Transport in Asia-Pacific: innovative, affordable, sustainable
[.pdf, 554.3Kb]
6 pp.


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