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How to take part in this Dialogue room?
Below you have some instructions to participate in the Dialogue Rooms of the channel.

To participate in the Dialogue Rooms you have to register as a user of the system. Just click on the button that reads "Press here to vote or give your opinion".

Then, a screen will show up requesting you to enter an e-mail address and a password. Press "enter" and you will be registered. When you are in the system, you are allowed to make comments, reply to another user, receive replies to your opinions, or vote for or against someone else´s opinion.

If you are already registered, follow the instructions.

Once you have signed up in the dialog rooms, you have to follow these steps to participate:

You can enter the Dialogue rooms by either:

1.- Clicking on the document title below the Dialogue Room Presentation tab

2.- Clicking on the link that reads "See all comments" which is below the "Latest Comments" tab

Once you are inside the Dialogue Room, you can:

  • Publish a comment
  • Reply to someone else's comment
  • Vote for or against a given opinion

So as to publish a commment, you have to click on the "Publish comment" link which is next to your nickname. If you wish to reply to some other participant's opinion, you have to click the "Reply" button. Finally, you can vote for a comment. To do this, you have to click on buttons "I support" or "I don't support" identified with an icon "thumb up" or "thumb down"..

It is important to consider these:

You can either activate or deactivate the option to receive by e-mail a message in case someone replies to a comment you may have made in the Dialogue Room.

You can participate in all the Dialogue Rooms in the channel (if there was more than one) with the same password and user name.

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