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Review of methods for monitoring PM10 and PM2.5
11-12 October 2004, Berlin, Germany

The workshop will review methods for PM2.5 and PM10 monitoring, their comparability and quality. Based on the experiences of the field intercomparisons, which were performed as part of the CEN procedure to establish a reference method, the features of the proposed reference methods will be presented. The workshop will also review and discuss the experiences of the WHO/EURO Member States in development and operation of the PM monitoring networks oriented towards the population exposure assessment. The technical specification of the equipment, network design and operational procedures (including QA/QC) will be presented and discussed.

The workshop conclusions and recommendations will help the Member States to define the most practical approaches for establishment of PM2.5 monitoring and increase of the effectiveness of PM10 monitoring in the cities. The focus will be on the validity of the information provided by the monitoring networks for population exposure assessment, for assessment of health impacts of the present pollution as well as impacts of the planned, or implemented, pollution reduction activities.


National coordinators of air quality monitoring networks and public health professionals involved in assessment of health impacts of air pollution are expected to attend the Workshop. In total, it is expected that the meeting will gather ca. 70 participants from all parts of Europe, including countries of the EU, Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia. Limited travel support for national representatives will be available from WHO and JRC.


Air Quality and Health programme of WHO/Euro in collaboration with the "WHO Collaborating Centre for Air Quality Management and Air Pollution Control" at the Federal Environmental Agency in Berlin, the EC Joint Research Centre in Ispra (Institute for Environment and Sustainability and JRC Enlargement Action) and the European Environment Agency.

More information and Preliminary Registration Form:

WHO European Centre for Environment and Health, Bonn Office

Görresstrasse 15, 53113 Bonn, Germany
Tel. +49 228 2094 406
Fax +49 228 2094 201
[email protected]

(this e-mail address will be operational only until 12 October)


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