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ACCENT Workshop
1 April 2005, with the 5th International Urban Air Quality Conference in Valencia, Spain (29-31 March 2005)

Fill out the Pre-Registration Form and send it to Prof. Ranjeet S Sokhi ([email protected]) with a copy to Professor Nicolas Moussiopoulos ([email protected] , [email protected])

ACCENT Pre-Registration FormACCENT Pre-Registration Form
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The European Network of Excellence on Atmospheric Composition Change ACCENT has operated since March 2004 with the main goals to promote a common European strategy for research on atmospheric composition change, to develop and maintain durable means of communication and collaboration within the European scientific community, to facilitate this research and to optimise two-way interaction with policy-makers and the general public.

Within ACCENT, the Transport & Transformation of Pollutants (short: T&TP) project aims at bringing together the European community of researchers concerned with atmospheric sciences in order to pinpoint the current problems of understanding and to foster research work aimed at resolving the principal difficulties so that the models used for analysis and forecasting on global, regional and local scales are more precise and reliable. Hence, work on urban and local scale processes is explicitly included in T&TP.

In the light of the above, and as a member of T&TP's Steering Group, I am organising in close collaboration with Ranjeet Sokhi the ACCENT-hosted Workshop on Atmospheric Transport & Transformation at the Urban/Local Scales on 1 April, 2005 in Valencia. The fact that the workshop will take place in the same venue and just the day after the 5th Urban Air Quality Conference does not only signal that we would like to make the participation easier for you, but also it will be simpler to meet the primary objective of the workshop, i.e. to formulate achievable scientific aims in the science of air pollution at the urban and local scales as we will have fresh in our mind the conclusions from the papers
given in the conference. In particular we will wish to consider methods (incl. necessary EU funded projects) for meeting the scientific aims.

Secondly, the workshop will aim at summarizing national funding options and at establishing linkages to complementary activities (e.g. CLEAR and relevant COST actions). The workshop will start at about 9 am in the morning of 1 April and will last until about 3.30 pm, so that everybody will be able to catch early evening return flights. The programme of the workshop will include a few scene setting talks and then guided discussions towards addressing the above objectives. In order to properly prepare these discussions we would like to distribute by end
of January 2005 to all participants a questionnaire asking for replies not later than 21 March 2005. To show our gratitude to those providing adequate answers to the questionnaire, we will waive their participation fee of 60 euros for the workshop.

Finally, a special session for ACCENT related papers on local and urban scale air pollution is being planned as part of the conference. Please send your abstracts via the conference website ( with a copy to Professor Moussiopoulos.

- Professor Nicolas Moussiopoulos

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