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Air Pollution 2006
22-24 May 2006, The New Forest, United Kingdom

This is the Fourteenth Annual International Conference on the Modelling, Monitoring and Management of Air Pollution. Pollution is widespread throughout the world and elimination of the risks to human health is of the utmost importance. This series of meetings is aimed at the development of experimental as well as computational techniques to achieve a better understanding of air pollution problems and seek their solution.

The goal of this conference is to bring together researchers who are active in the study of air contaminants to exchange information through the presentation and discussion of papers dealing with the wide variety of topics described below. Case study papers are encouraged, particularly those discussing the evaluation of proposed emission techniques and strategies. Papers of a more theoretical nature, dealing with advanced mathematical and computational methods, will also be within the scope of the conference.

This successful series first started in Mexico (1993) and continued in Barcelona (1994); Halkidiki (1995); Toulouse (1996); Bologna (1997); Genova (1998); San Francisco (1999); Cambridge, UK (2000); Ancona (2001); Segovia (2002); Catania (2003); Rhodes (2004); and Cordoba (2005). All these meetings have attracted outstanding contributions from leading researchers from all over the world.

Organised by: Wessex Institute of Technology, UK
Sponsored by: WIT Transactions on Ecology and the Environment

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