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The workshop will cover technical, policy and institutional aspects related to air quality and its management and control techniques. BAQ 2002 will have sessions dealing with outdoor (stationary and mobile sources) as well indoor air pollution.

Objectives of BAQ 2002 are:


  • Review and discuss current status of air quality management and control techniques in the region;
  • Identify mechanisms how

a) stakeholders in the region, including national and local government, private sector and civil society, can improve and strengthen cooperation in the formulation and implementation of air quality management and control policies and initiatives, and
b) how stakeholders in the region can benefit from worldwide experiences.

  1. Expose workshop participants to new technological developments in air quality monitoring, control of in-door and outdoor air pollution (mobile and stationary sources) which have proven to be successful in the region or other parts of the World.
  2. Discuss and formulate recommendations on appropriate technical solutions for air quality problems in different parts of the region.


Policy - Institutional
  1. Expose workshop participants to innovative and effective examples of air quality management in the region, or from outside the region;
  2. Discuss and adopt strategic framework for air quality management and control in the region.



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Secretariat: The World Bank & Asian Development Bank