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AVL List GmbH Austria
AVL is one of the world's largest and foremost engineering companies specialised in the design and development of internal combustion engines and automotive powertrain systems together with the development and marketing of the associated test systems and test instrumentation.

AVL is dedicated to the design and development of internal combustion engines and automotive powertrain systems to satisfy the expectations and requirements of the end-user while, at the same time, minimising their total-life impact on our environment.

As a partner of the international engine industry, AVL devotes a large part of its resources to research and the development of new economic technologies to contribute to meeting the mobility and environmental challenges of the 21st century.

Advanced engine, powertrain, vehicle, fuels and lubricant test systems, together with electronic hard and software development tools, developed by AVL to enable it to fulfil these goals, are marketed world-wide by AVL's Test Systems and Instrumentation Division. These are complemented by the AVL DiTest range of diagnostics instrumentation for inspection and maintenance of the existing vehicle population.

With well over 3000 employees world-wide, AVL can provide its services locally through its regional technical centres, backed up by the resources of the whole AVL Group.


Mr. Horst Preschern


Director Clean Air Applications/ Instrumentation & Test Systems

Postal Address:
AVL List GmbH
Hans-List-Platz 1
A- 8020 GRAZ/ Austria

Phone /Fax Number:
+43 316 787 218/ +43 316 787 988 (fax)

[email protected]

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