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Cerulean International
A nanomaterials company set up by a team from Oxford University to develop nanocrystalline materials for commercial use, such as nanoparticle phosphors for flat screen displays, catalysts, chemical reactants, and quantum dots.

Cerulean has developed a novel nanocatalyst technology for diesel fuels called Envirox, based on an oxidation catalyst widely used for emissions control. The material has been re-engineered to be used as a fuel-borne catalyst leading to a cleaner, more complete burn. This results in significantly improved fuel efficiency, reduced carbon deposits, and lower emissions. Envirox has no impact on lubricant performance, the dose rate is low, and no engine modifications are required.

Envirox has been tested extensively in large scale field trials and independent engine tests. Up to 12% fuel economy benefits were demonstrated under commercial operating conditions.


Mr. Ronen Hazarika

United Kingdom

Marketing Director Asia Pacific

Postal Address:
"Cerulean Asia Pacific Limited Care of: Ronen Hazarika, 20A, Tower 2
PAcific View, 38 Tai Tam Road
Hong Kong"

Phone /Fax Number:
44 1865 847 234

[email protected]

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