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Japan standards

Motor vehicle emission control began in September 1966 under the administrative guidance of the Ministry of Transport. Carbon monoxide (CO) emissions from gasoline vehicles was the first air pollutant to be regulated. Succeedingly, other pollutants -- like "Black Smoke" from diesel, and hydrocarbons (HC) and NOx from gasoline -- also became subject to control.

In 1976, the Central Environment Council came out with the Motor Vehicle Exhaust Emission Regulations, which comprehensively set the standards for NOx, HC and CO both for gasoline and diesel-fed vehicles.

New emission limits with short-term and long-term targets were further set in December 1989. To date, these are still the standards used, with only a few enhancements like the further reduction of NOx in 1993.

In November 1997, the Central Environment Council came out with the "Future Policy for Motor Vehicle Exhaust Emissions Reduction (Second Report)" that outlines more stringent regulations.

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