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Diesel Pilot Project

Project Title
Developing Integrated Emission Strategies for Existing Land Transport (DIESEL)

Diesel combustion is a significant source of harmful pollutants that are damaging to human health in urban areas. While diesel engines are more efficient than gasoline engines, they are a disproportionate contributor to exposure of people to fine particulate matter (PM). The PM emitted by diesel engines is very small, predominantly sub-micron in size which is the size fraction considered most damaging to health. Diesel vehicles are normally not the largest component of a city fleet. In Bangkok, it is estimated that diesel vehicles, while comprising less than 10% of the vehicle fleet, contribute 89% of emissions of PM10 from vehicles. The overall objective of this program is to develop a better understanding of the factors that influence vehicular emissions and to propose cost-effective control options in the context of the political economy of developing countries.

Implementing Organizations
Pollution Control Department, Department of Land Transport, The World Bank, USAID/USAEP

Geographic Coverage
Bangkok, Thailand

Start Date
1 August 2003

Completion Date
31 December 2004


  • Analytical and informational tools to analyze technical and policy options
  • Action plans for Bangkok to address the diesel emissions (to be used by the city with possible support from donors, development agencies)
  • Draft final and final report
  • Website and CD-ROM
  • Learning events to disseminate lessons

Project Schedule
Component 1: Developing City Specific Database (1 August 2003 - 31 March 2004)
Component 2: Analysis of Policy and Technical Options (1 May 2004 - 31 October 2004)
Component 3: Development of Action Plans and Strakeholder Evaluation (1 November 2004 - 31 December 2004)

Project Team

Dr. Supat Wangwongwatana
Deputy Director General, Pollution Control Department
[email protected]

Dr. Jitendra (Jitu) Shah
The World Bank
[email protected]

Project Documents
You can download the latest files from the Pollution Control Department website.

Estimated Cost
US$2 million

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Secretariat: The World Bank & Asian Development Bank