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Asian Clean Fuels Association (ACFA)
ACFA was established in Singapore on 1 August 2000 with a mission "to promote and advance the interests of stake-holders in the use of clean fuels that benefit the environment through leveraging their economic, technical and environmental attributes in Asia."

As a "solutions-integrator," ACFA is in a unique position to provide a forum where various parties can raise, debate and address issues relating to air quality management. This pooling of resources is an effective approach in dealing with some of these intricate, subtle, and diverse issues.

ACFA also publishes a monthly newsletter called 'ACFA NEWS' focusing on clean fuels and air quality.


Mr. Clarence Woo
Communications Director
Tel: (65) 6236 0248 / (65) 6823 1318
Fax: (65) 6438 3358 / (65) 6236 937
Email: [email protected]

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