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SGS (Societe General de Surveillance)
The world's leading verification, testing and certification company.

With 32 000 employees, SGS operates a network of almost 1200 offices, subsidiaries and laboratories around the world.

The SGS Group is a leading force in verification and monitoring services for international trade in agriculture, minerals, petroleum and consumer products together with certification and other services to governments and international institutions. SGS also offers strategic services to the industrial, environment, non-destructive testing, project resourcing, logistics and hygiene sectors.

As a professional, independent and reliable partner, SGS is committed to the delivery of enhanced value for shareholders, clients, employees and the public at large. Integrity, transparency and ethical behaviour are the core values of the SGS Group.


Mr. Fred Herren
Executive Vice President, Automotive Services
Tel: 41 22 739 9435
Fax: 41 22 739 9872
Email: [email protected]

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