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Urban Air Quality Management Distance Learning (UAQM-DL) Course Application for Funding

A fund has been made available by the World Bank to assist institutions to deliver the Urban Air Quality Management Distance Learning course in different Asian countries and cities. This course is part of the World Bank/CATNet-Asia's capacity building program of the Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities.

Institutions can apply for funding by completing the attached application form and sending it to the CAI-Asia Secretariat at the World Bank for review. If satisfactory, interested institutions can receive up to $10,000 to assist in the preparartion and delivery of the course. Important criteria for selection include: past experience of the institution in air quality management and related fields, the involvement of other institutions and government agencies in the delivery, the local resources that institutions are willing to commit against the World Bank's fund, the scale of delivery (number of cities, country-wide), and linkages with other CATNET-Asia member institutions in country or region. Institutions rewarded funding are required to provide the World Bank with a complete participant list and provide individual evaluation forms filled by participant at the end of the course.

The World Bank is willing to provide in-kind contributions, such as its GDLN network and expertise where requested and possible. Download the attached Microsoft Word file to complete the application form. All forms should be emailed to Nelvia Diaz ([email protected]) with copy to Paul Procee ([email protected]). Since there are limited resources available for this fund, submissions will be awarded upon satisfaction on a first come, first serve basis.


Application formApplication form
[.doc, 101.8Kb]

Participant listParticipant list
[.xls, 453.6Kb]

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