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Distance Learning Course on Urban Air Quality Management for Asian Cities


The Urban Air Quality Management Distance Learning (UAQM-DL) for Asian Cities course is part of a comprehensive long-term capacity building program under the broader CAI-Asia. The program involves a number of partners and develops the capacity of Asian cities to implement innovative and effective ways to improve air quality.


The UAQM-DL course aims to improve local knowledge about the complexity of air pollution problem, enhance the ability and understanding of participants regarding the implementation of technical measures, and contribute to the development of policies which can effectively prevent and reduce the impact of air pollution in Asian cities.


The UAQM-DL provides an overview of urban air quality issues and challenges, including monitoring and measuring pollutants, emissions inventories and assessing the impact of air pollution, comparison of policy instruments, pollution and prevention mechanisms and cleaner and affordable technologies. The course will introduce the participants to a number of methodologies and tools applied in cities around the world, but it is not designed to develop in-depth skills for the application of these tools.


The UAQM-DL course will combine video sessions, a website: with instructional materials and interactive features for online discussion, collaboration, and communications, and on-site locally facilitated face-to-face discussion sessions. Video-conferencing and other synchronous and asynchronous modes of delivery can be added on a "as needed" basis.

Target Audience

The selected target group are government officials, professionals working in government agencies, local consultants and university staff involved in air quality management and pollution control at the local level with three years work experience in urban air quality management or related field.

Date, Time & Location

The delivery of the course depends on the local institutions hosting the course. For more information, please contact ....

Resource Team

The team behind the Urban Air Quality Management consists of a core team and technical assistance.

Core Team Technical Assistance
Jitu Shah (Course moderator and content advisor) Enrique Calcagno (Telecommunications)
Todd Johnson (Course moderator and content advisor) Drew Stewart (Coordination of tv production)
Jian Xie (Content advisor) Arseny Malov (Information analyst)
Paul Procee (Course coordinator and content design) Scott Yann (TV production)
Shobha Kumar (Instructional designer)
Samantha Constant (Course consultant)

The course, including pre-taped instructional modules, has been developed in English. CATNET-Asia encourages cities to tailor and deliver the course in local languages.


One of the requirements for completion of the course is that participants need to submit online evaluation forms for each of the modules and overall coures. Evaluation forms are available here...


If you are interested in participating in the course, please contact [email protected].

Funding Application

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