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A report on ambient air quality and emissions in the Philippies for year 2002.
2002 National Air Quality Status Report - Philippines
This document describes ambient air quality for criteria pollutants, trends and emission inventories in the Philippines during 2002.

This report, available on the EMB website, documents the quality of air in the Philippines from 1975 to 2002 based on available data.

The publication of the National Air Quality Status Report is required by Part V, Rule XIV, Section 4 of the Clean Air Act. The report reviews the status of the air quality in the country, with emphasis on key cities such as Metro Manila.The report is intended to be a reference document for stakeholders and the general public.

Part 1Part 1
[.pdf, 758Kb]
22 pages. Introduction

Part 2Part 2
[.pdf, 734.5Kb]
39 pages. Ambient air quality

Part 3Part 3
[.pdf, 869Kb]
31 pages. Emission sources and regulations

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