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Asia Region Climate and Energy Workshop
16-17 March 2004, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The primary goal of this workshop is to establish an interactive dialogue among climate and energy decision makers from the Asian-Pacific region to promote a greater understanding of the critical role of technology and flexible policy approaches to addressing climate change, promoting economic growth, and advancing energy security.

In order to focus these discussions, panel sessions and case studies will be oriented specifically toward the challenges and opportunities associated with energy infrastructure, energy production and supply, and energy efficiency in Asia in the context of climate change.


  • Advancing a broader understanding of the emerging technologies, clean energy infrastructure needs and opportunities, and flexible policy tools available to the Asia region;
  • Supporting an intensive interaction between climate and energy decision makers to develop concrete recommendations on cooperative steps that can be taken in the region to foster cleaner energy pathways, energy security, energy efficiency, and economic development; and
  • Creating the opportunity for participants from countries within the region to gain an expanded appreciation for the cost-effective technology options that are available and the role that flexible policy approaches can play in addressing climate change and energy issues as appropriate to their given country circumstances.

This event is co-sponsored by the governments of Japan and the United States in cooperation with the Ministry of Science, Technology and the Environment of Malaysia.

For further details, contact:
Dan Bilello
Natural Renewable Energy Laboratorium
[email protected]

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