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Asian Vehicle Emission Control Conference 2004
27-29 April 2004, China World Hotel, Beijing, China

AVECC 2004 is a technical symposium that brings together experts from regulatory agencies, industry, and academia in Asia and around the world to share information and ideas on motor vehicle emission control technology developments and experience and motor vehicle emission control program implementation and operating experience. The agenda is specifically designed to focus on the challenge of reducing motor vehicle pollution in Asia, with a particular emphasis on China.

Presentations are available online:

The invitation and preregistration formThe invitation and preregistration form
[.pdf, 316.6Kb]

The conference includes expert speakers from the following organizations:

  • China State Environmental Protection Agency
  • Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau
  • Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • California Air Resources Board
  • European Commission
  • Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities
  • China Automobile Technology and Research Center
  • Tianjin Motorcycle Test Center
  • Automotive Research Association of India
  • Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association
  • The International Fuel Quality Center
  • Motor vehicle emission control technology companies

The conference also includes an exhibition of motor vehicle emission control technologies.

China World Hotel (Beijing) at China World Trade Center
No. 1 Jianguomenwai Avenue
Beijing 100004, China
tel: + (86-10) 6505 2266
fax: + (86-10) 6505 0828

For more information
Please direct all questions to MECA's Antonio Santos
[email protected]
tel: + 202 296.4797
fax: + 202 331.1388

AVECC 2004 is sponsored by the Association for Emissions Control by Catalyst (AECC), the Committee of Vehicle Emission Control in China (CVEC), and the Manufacturers of Emission Controls Association (MECA).

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