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Dust Control: Emission Inventory Resources
USEPA Emission Inventory AP42 Documents and Technical Studies on Dust Emissions

Control of Road DustControl of Road Dust
[.ppt, 415.2Kb]
Studies of road dust control effectivness, emission rates and inventory methods in Bangkok, 2001 (Dr. Wongpun Limpaseni, Chulalongkorn Univ.)

Unpaved Road Dust Part 2Unpaved Road Dust Part 2
[.pdf, 24.4Kb]
Updated December 2003 (US EPA)

Unpaved Road Dust Part 1Unpaved Road Dust Part 1
[.pdf, 252.8Kb]
Updated December 2003 (US EPA)

Paved Road Dust Background DocumentPaved Road Dust Background Document
[.pdf, 433.6Kb]
Updated December 2003 (US EPA)

Paved Road Dust Part 2Paved Road Dust Part 2
[.pdf, 353.2Kb]
Updated December 2003 (USEPA)

Paved Road Dust Part 1Paved Road Dust Part 1
[.pdf, 152.1Kb]
Updated December 2003 (USEPA)

Dust Emissions OverviewDust Emissions Overview
[.pdf, 9.8Kb]

Dust Emissions IntroductionDust Emissions Introduction
[.pdf, 9.8Kb]
Introductory section on dust emission factors and inventory methods (USEPA)

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