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City Profiles: Air Quality and Dust in Asia
Brief descriptions of air quality, pollution control regulations and practices with focus on dust emissions.

Profile: USAProfile: USA
[.doc, 46.5Kb]
This document describes, in general terms, the significance of dust in PM10 air quality in US cities including state, local and district dust control regulations. References provided. (J. Core)

Profile: Kathmandu NepalProfile: Kathmandu Nepal
[.pdf, 275.1Kb]
This document describes air pollution conditions in Kathmandu, sources and dust-related matters. (A. Raut, Environment Nepal)

Profile: Delhi and MumbaiProfile: Delhi and Mumbai
[.doc, 87Kb]
Air pollution conditions, sources, control programs and air pollution governace in Delhi and Mumbai. (S. Varghese, IIT Bombay)

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