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Emission Inventory Resources Page
Resource links helpful in developing emission inventories.

Web Links to Emission Inventory Resources:

1. USEPA General Guidance on Emission Inventory Development.

2. USEPA Compilation of Air Pollution Emission Factors AP42.

3. USEPA Guidance on Emission Inventory Development; spatial, temporal and chemical allocation of annual emission estimates.

4. USEPA Area Source Emission Model
This software allows the user to estimate area source emissions from a variety of sourcs using default methods. 28Mb ZIP file. Although developed for the US, the methods applied in this model may be useful to others within the CAI region.

5. Pune Regional Emissions Inventory Study
A joint USEPA - India Ministry of Environment and Forest project to improve air quality management in India. Very useful emission inventory tools for a large variety of source found in Pune, India. Recommended.

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