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Industrial Air Pollution Control - Part 1
Best Available Control Technology (BACT) regulations from governments in Asia

Asphalt Batch PlantsAsphalt Batch Plants
[.pdf, 84.6Kb]
Hong Kong BACT for Asphalt Batch Plants (Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department)

Cement Batch PlantsCement Batch Plants
[.pdf, 63.8Kb]
Hong Kong BACT for cement batch plants (Hong Kong EDP)

Cement Concrete Block PlantsCement Concrete Block Plants
[.pdf, 74.9Kb]
Hong Kong BACT for concrete block plants. (Hong Kong EDP)

Concrete ManufacturingConcrete Manufacturing
[.pdf, 67Kb]
Hong Kong BACT for concrete manufacturing (Hong Kong EDP)

Ceramics ManufacturingCeramics Manufacturing
[.pdf, 58.6Kb]
Hong Kong BACT for ceramics manufacturing plants (Hong Kong EDP)

Crematoria IncineratorsCrematoria Incinerators
[.pdf, 60.6Kb]
Hong Kong BACT for crematoria incinerators (Hong Kong EDP)

Electrical Generating FacilitiesElectrical Generating Facilities
[.pdf, 23.9Kb]
Hong Kong BACT for electrical generating facilities (Hong Kong EDP)

Electrical Generating Facilities (Emergency)Electrical Generating Facilities (Emergency)
[.pdf, 35.6Kb]
BACT for emergency electrical generating facilities in Hong Kong. (Hong Kong EDP)

Frit WorksFrit Works
[.pdf, 19.6Kb]
BACT for Frit plants in Hong Kong (Hong Kong EDP)

Iron and Steel CupolasIron and Steel Cupolas
[.pdf, 45.2Kb]
(Hong Kong EDP)

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Industrial air pollution

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