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Sweeping off the Dust in Manila's Air: A Science and Policy Dialogue
21 April 2004, ADB Headquarters, Manila, Philippines

The Manila Observatory and Asian Regional Research Program (ARRPET), a regional network of six Asian countries, namely, PRC, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Viet Nam held a conference on "Sweeping Off the Dust in Manila's Air: A Science and Policy Dialogue" on 21 April 2004 at the ADB Auditorium D. Manila Observatory presented the results of three years of monitoring and modeling of Metro Manila's particulate pollution (PM 2.5), and of parallel studies undertaken as a result of this research. Results of the study indicate that PM2.5 is the most severe air pollutant in Metro Manila. The report also highlights areas in the city that are most likely affected by poor air quality and pinpoint the probable sources of air pollution. Recommended policies and measures for improving air qualtiy in the city will be presented.

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Opening Remarks

  • Fr. Daniel J. McNamara, S.J. (Director, Manila Observatory)
  • Dr. Ligy Philip (Representative, ARRPET Network)
  • Mr. Cornie Huizenga (CAI-ASIA)
  • Sec. Elisea Gozun (Secretary, Department of Environment and Natural Resources)

How bad is it?
Metro Manila's Air Quality Status
Genevieve Rose Lorenzo (Manila Observatory)

Where is it coming from?
The sources of Metro Manila's air pollution
Khervin Cheng-Chua (Manila Observatory)

Where and when is it bad in the city?
Potential AQ hotspots
Emmanuel Anglo (Manila Observatory)

Open Forum: Science

Film: Masamang Hangin (i-Witness Documentary)

Who and how many are affected?
Population exposure and health impacts
Elma Torres (Health Safety and Environmental Management Consulting Services)

How can we respond?
Simple mitigation scenarios
Emmanuel Anglo (Manila Observatory)

Where do we begin?
Prioritization of mitigation measures
Ronald Subida (University of the Philippines - Manila)

What have we begun?
EMB/DENR AQ initiatives
Julian Amador (DENR-Environmental Management Bureau)

Open Forum: Policy

Jose Ramon T. Villarin, S.J. (Manila Observatory)

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