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Fuel Quality Strategies Training Manual -- Module 4
Fuel Quality Strategy Training Workshop, 25 Oct to 1 Nov 2003, Sydney, Australia

This Module demonstrates that fuel quality strategies cannot be fully successful without proper monitoring and enforcement mechanisms and will show through an on site visit and fuel quality monitoring system (FQMS) examples from the U.S., EU, Australia and several other countries from the Asian region, that a variety of monitoring systems exist but that the success of these systems is fully dependant on effective design, including deterrents, resources, oversight and full implementation.

Monitoring and Enforcement of Fuel Quality PoliciesMonitoring and Enforcement of Fuel Quality Policies
[.pdf, 562.4Kb]

Presentation materials:

Monitoring and Enforcement
Liisa Kiuru, Director, Asia, International Fuel Quality Center

Australian Experience in Fuel Quality Monitoring
Mike Gilbert & Sharon Rees, Fuel Standards Implementation Team, Australian Department of the Environment and Heritage

Modules of the Fuel Quality Strategies Training Workshop:


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