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Environment Pollution (Prevention and Control) Authority
Reports submitted to the Supreme Court of India on Vehicular Pollution (1999-2004)

Proposal for Emission Controls on Petrol Two-Stroke Engine Driven Two and Three Wheelers and other issue (1999)

Report on Clean Fuels (2001)

Report on Standards for CNG Vehicles and Refilling Stations (2001)

Report on the Independent Inspection of Fuel Quality at the Fuel Dispensing Stations, Oil Depots and Tank Lorries (2002)

Getting the Prices Right: Promoting Environmentally Acceptable Fuels through Fiscal Measures (2002)

Indraprastha Gas Ltd. (IGL) Comments on"Getting the Prices Right" Report (2003)

Second Generation Reforms for Air Pollution Control in Delhi (2003)

Interim Progress Report on Particulate Pollution Control Strategy in Critically Polluted Cities (2003)

FinalReport on Particulate Pollution Reduction Strategy in Seven Critically Polluted Cities (2004)

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Secretariat: The World Bank & Asian Development Bank