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Asian Development Bank (ADB)


ADB is a non-profit, multilateral development finance institution dedicated to reducing poverty in Asia and the Pacific. Established in 1966, it is now owned by 63 members, mostly from the region.

ADB’s overarching goal is to reduce poverty in Asia and the Pacific. It helps improve the quality of people’s lives by providing loans and technical assistance for a broad range of development activities. ADB engages in mostly public sector lending for development purposes in its developing member countries. ADB’s clients are its member governments, who are also its shareholders.

Membership to ADB is open to (1) members and associate members of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific - formerly the United Nations Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East and (2) other regional countries and non-regional developed countries which are members of the United Nations or of any of its specialized agencies.


[ x ] Air quality monitoring
[ x ] Air quality management
[ x ] Stationary sources of air pollution
[ x ] Mobile sources of air pollution
[ x ] Climate change and greenhouse gas abatement

ADB projects on air quality can be characterized in five main categories:

  1. Stationary sources of pollution and cleaner production. This is where ADB involvement started. Most of the projects were in the People’s Republic of China and India. In several of the cases, air quality was a secondary objective to energy efficiency and energy management.
  2. Overall ambient air quality management. ADB support is given through technical assistance projects and, in some cases, through loan projects (eg. Metro Manila Air Quality Improvement Sector Development Program).
  3. Mobile sources of pollution. Although ADB had initial activities in this area, it is only recently that a substantial pipeline of projects is being established. Most of these projects are CNG-related projects such as the ongoing Clean Fuels Project in Dhaka, the Clean Fuels Project in India, and the Blue Skies Project in Jakarta, which are being processed at the moment.
  4. Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas abatement. ADB support is mainly implemented through TAs. Where loan projects are involved, this concerns mostly those focusing on the reduction of pollution from stationary sources and the promotion of cleaner production.
  5. ADB has implemented a number of strategic regional technical assistance projects, which have helped greatly in increasing the understanding of air pollution as a developmental problem.

Activities are implemented in all member countries where air pollution is a significant problem.

  1. Urban Transport and Environmental Improvement Project
  2. Dhaka Clean Fuel Project
  3. Study on Clean Coal Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle Technology
  4. Power Rehabilitation and Environmental Improvement
  5. Promotion of Clean Technologies
  6. Shanxi Air Quality Improvement
  7. Xi'an Urban Transport Project
  8. Environmental Management at the State Level
  9. India Urban Clean Fuel Project
  10. Renewable Energy Sector Development Projects
  11. Preparing the Clean Vehicle Fuel for Blue Skies Project
  12. Promotion of Cleaner Production
  13. Metro Manila Air Quality Improvement Sector Development Program
  14. Climate Change Adaptation Program for Pacific
  15. Acid Rain and Emission Reduction in Asia, Phase II
  16. Transboundary Environmental Cooperation in North East Asia
  17. Capacity Building for Implementation of Kyoto Protocol and Clean Development Mechanism
  18. Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities
  19. Better Air Quality Management in Asia
  20. Promotion of Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Greenhouse Gas Abatement
  21. Action Plans for Reducing Vehicle Emissions
  22. Strengthening the Capacity of the ASEAN Countries to Prevent and Mitigate Transboundary Atmospheric Pollution
  23. Promotion of Cleaner Production Policies and Practices in Selected Developing Member Countries
  24. South Asian Subregional Economic Cooperation Countries for Regional Air Quality Management
  25. HCM City Environmental Improvement Project

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Principal Environment Specialist
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