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Japan Transport Cooperation Association (JTCA)


Japan Transport Cooperation Association (JTCA) is a non-profit, semi-governmental organization, established by the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MLIT) in 1973, for the promotion of international cooperation in the field of transport sector of the developing countries.

In addition to the accomplishments over the three decades, recent emphasis is increasingly on the environmental aspects of the transport sector. Last year, MLIT asked JTCA to conduct a study on the promotion of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) in Thailand, which will develop a methodology to estimate the amount of CO2 and other gases being emitted from motor vehicles.

JTCA also has conducted many studies on air quality management in the transport sector named "Eco-transport study" in Bangladesh, China, Egypt and Costa Rica.


[x ] Air quality monitoring
[_] Air quality management
[_] Stationary sources of air pollution
[x ] Mobile sources of air pollution

  1. Thailand
  2. Bangladesh
  3. China
  4. Indonesia

JTCA is implementation body of International Affair Division, MLIT. Therefore, MLIT makes a plan for the study and project, and entrusts its implementation for JTCA. JTCA conducts and coordinate projects with assistance of its member consultants firms.


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