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United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)


The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the United States Federal government agency responsible for protecting human health and the environment in the U.S. EPA leads the U.S. environmental science, research, education and assessment efforts.
EPA: develops and enforces environmental regulations to implement environmental laws enacted by the U.S. Congress; provides financial assistance to U.S. states to support their environmental programs; performs environmental research at 12 national research laboratories across the U.S.;sponsors over 40 voluntary pollution prevention partnerships and programs; advances environmental education efforts to develop environmentally conscious and responsible public; and provides international environmental programs in air, water and toxics in a variety of countries.

In Asia, EPA has developed a variety of programs, designed to build capacity for air quality management, including

  • Urban Air Quality Management, Assessment & Demo Projects
  • Vehicle and Fuel Projects, under the Partnership for Clean Fuels and Vehicles
  • Clean Air Training Network for Asia
  • Integrated Environmental Strategies project

[x ] Air quality monitoring
[x ] Air quality management
[x ] Stationary sources of air pollution
[x ] Mobile sources of air pollution

  1. China
  2. India
  3. Thailand
  4. South Korea
  5. Philippines
  1. Development of Inspection and Maintenance Program for Shanghai
  2. Urban Air Quality Management Training and Demonstration Project
  3. Partnership for Clean Fuels and Vehicles: India Project
  4. Clean Air Training Network for Asia: CATNet-Asia
  5. China: Pollution Control from Combustion Sources: Advanced Re-burn System
  6. China Air Quality Modeling Pilot Projects
  7. Air Quality Management Assessment Project - China
  8. China Coal Mine Methane Commercialization Program
  9. Economic and Environmental Modeling Workshops
  10. Minimum Energy-Efficiency Standards and Labeling
  11. Emissions Trading in China
  12. Environmental Tobacco Smoke Outreach Project
  13. Partnership for Clean Indoor Air in China
  14. China-US Partnership in Industrial Pollution Prevention and Energy Efficiency
  15. Assessment of Mercury Emissions and Use in China
  16. Asia Persistent Organic Pollutants from Combustion
  17. Comprehensive Management of Unintentional Releases of Dioxins and Furans from Cement Kilns
  18. Promoting Voluntary Environmental Initiatives through Industry Trade Associations in the US and China
  19. Mobile Source Emission Testing
  20. Energy Efficiency Voluntary Endorsement Labeling
  21. Partnership for Clean Indoor Air
  22. Market Mechanisms to Improve Air Quality in India
  23. Power Plant Emissions Monitoring and Control Strategies
  24. Capacity Building for Lead Information Center
  25. Bangkok Diesel Alliance Project
  26. Cooperation with China Certification Center for Energy Conservation Products (CECP)
  27. Integrated Environmental Strategies – Beijing, China
  28. Integrated Environmental Strategies – Shanghai, China
  29. Integrated Environmental Strategies – Hyderabad, India
  30. Integrated Environmental Strategies – Manila, Philippines
  31. Integrated Environmental Strategies – Seoul, South Korea
  32. Integrated Environmental Strategies – China National Assessment
  33. Wind Technology Partnership (WTP)
  34. eeBuildings
  35. Urban Air Quality Management: Diverging Approaches to Controlling Particulate Matter

Jane Metcalfe
Coordinator, International Air Pollution Programs
Tel: ( +202 ) 564-6451
Fax No.: ( +202 ) 565-2411
Email: [email protected]

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