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United States Agency for International Development / United States-Asia Environment Partnership


The United States-Asia Environmental Partnership (US-AEP) is a program of the United States Agency for International Development. US-AEP's objective is to promote cleaner and more efficient cities and industries in Asia. By creating partnerships that support the exchange of best practices and technology, we help developing Asian countries reduce the environmental impacts of rapid growth, improve their ability to create and enforce environmental policies, and increase industrial efficiency and reduce waste.

US-AEP works closely with U.S. partners, such as cities, state agencies, technology providers, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, to help Asian decision-makers use innovative, collaborative, and sustainable approaches to meet environmental challenges. These efforts consist of:

  • Improving air quality by promoting unleaded gasoline, helping cities develop air quality management plans, improving vehicular inspection and maintenance programs, and providing technology solutions
  • Improving water quality and service provision by upgrading the accountability and efficiency of local government institutions providing services to consumers and by undertaking watershed planned activities with local communities
  • Improving solid waste management by helping local governments develop plans, package solid waste projects, and promote composting and recycling technologies
  • Improving energy efficiency through the creation of public/private partnerships focused on best practices, energy audit demonstrations, training, and workshops.

[x ] Air quality monitoring
[x ] Air quality management
[_] Stationary sources of air pollution
[x ] Mobile sources of air pollution

  1. India
  2. Indonesia
  3. Philippines
  4. Sri Lanka
  5. Thailand
  6. Viet Nam

Winston Bowman
Regional Director
Tel: +66 (2) 263-7468
Fax: +66 (2) 205-2838
Email: [email protected]

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