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Urban Environmental Management (UEM) Sub-sector Networks

  • Network on WATER AND SANITATION in Southeast Asian cities
  • Network on SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT in Southeast Asian cities
  • Network on AIR POLLUTION in Southeast Asian cities

These networks will build partnerships with the national and city level authorities, environmental agencies, UEM graduate network, AIT alumni associations, development agencies, academic institutions, civil society organizations and other potential partners. The networks are expected to contribute to the capacity building of UEM professionals and UEM related institutions and organizations in Southeast Asia.

The functioning of the networks will be participatory and ownership by the members will be encouraged. A core group of members will meet to collectively establish each network and decide the Terms of Reference for network operations and activities. The main function of each network is capacity building through:

  • Training programs for UEM professionals
  • Information dissemination and knowledge building
  • Policy forums

[_] Air quality monitoring
[_] Air quality management
[_] Stationary sources of air pollution
[_] Mobile sources of air pollution
[x ] Others: Urban air quality management

  1. Cambodia
  2. East Timor
  3. Indonesia
  4. Lao PDR
  5. Malaysia
  6. Philippines
  7. Thailand
  8. Viet Nam

Southeast Asia Urban Environmental Management


Dr. Vilas Nitivattananon
Assistant Professor
Tel: (66-2) 524 5601
Fax: (66-2) 524 6380
Email: [email protected]

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