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Compendium of Air Quality Management and Sustainable Urban Transport Projects in Asia
3rd edition (2006)

The 3rd edition of the Compendium of Air Quality Management Projects and Programs in Asia (2006) aims to foster coordination and cooperation among various organizations and sectors on activities related to air quality management. If you would like your project, program, or study to be included in the next edition, use the following online submission forms:

CAI-Asia created this Compendium to help international and local organizations optimize the use of their resources. The CAI-Asia Center is now in the process of updating the Compendium for 2007. To be part of the compendium, please fill out the applicable survey forms and email them to compendium (at) cai-asia (dot) org. You can submit either Part A, Part B, and/or Part C. (If this is the first time your organization is participating in this survey, we strongly encourage you to full out Part A.)

Part A - Organization ProfilePart A - Organization Profile
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Part B - Project / Program ProfilePart B - Project / Program Profile
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Part C - Training CoursesPart C - Training Courses
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Economic development in Asia is accompanied by adverse environmental impacts. More evidence is becoming available on the harmful impact of air pollution on public health in Asia and the associated economic and social costs. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the overall number of premature deaths due to ambient air pollution in Asia is about 500,000 per year. The associated economic costs due to premature deaths and other impacts of air pollution run into hundreds of millions of dollars for each Asian mega-city.

Asian countries and cities have started to address air pollution. They, however, in many cases continue to rely on the assistance of international development agencies and non-government organizations to address the challenges of local air pollution, transboundary air pollution, and the increase of greenhouse gases. The development community has responded positively. Proof of this is the more than 20 regional initiatives, programs and organizations working on air quality issues in the Asian region.

The Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities (CAI-Asia) promotes the strengthening of air quality management in Asia by sharing experiences and building partnerships. To promote dialogue among the regional initiatives and programs on AQM, CAI-Asia organized the First Coordination Meeting of Regional Air Quality Management Programs and Initiatives. In support of this coordination process CAI-Asia collected in May – June 2004 information on the regional initiatives in Asia and their air quality projects. The results of the survey have been collated into this first draft of the Compendium of Air Quality Management Projects in Asia (2004).

The Compendium was updated in 2005, and was expanded to cover not only regional projects but also country projects. The new compendium was presented at the 2nd Regional Dialogue of AQM Initiatives and Programs in Asia (12 July 2005, Bangkok).

The 2005 Compendium included programs/projects implemented or funded by national and local organizations. It also included programs/projects that promote co-benefits of local air pollution and climate change mitigation and as well as sustainable mobility related programs and projects.

The 2005 Compendium was being widely disseminated to the CAI-Asia Community. It is the hope of the CAI-Asia Secretariat that the clean air community in Asia will use this document effectively.


Cover, Acknowledgements, Table of ContentsCover, Acknowledgements, Table of Contents
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Part 1 and 2: Introduction and AnalysisPart 1 and 2: Introduction and Analysis
[.doc, 1563.6Kb]

Part 3: Project ProfilesPart 3: Project Profiles
[.doc, 2147.3Kb]

Part 4: Organization ProfilesPart 4: Organization Profiles
[.doc, 344Kb]

Part 5: IndexesPart 5: Indexes
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Project Profile (template)Project Profile (template)
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Organization Profile (template)Organization Profile (template)
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In order to assess the usefulness of the Compendium and to compile comments and recommendations to improve future versions from the community, an online survey has been prepared.

We would highly appreciate it if you can answer this survey. It will only take a minute or two of your time.
Type of organization:
Government International organization
NGO or academe Private sector
Question #1How useful did you find compendium of air quality-related programs and projects (2004)?
Question #2What benefits did you get from using the compendium?
Networking opportunities
Better overview of AQM program/projects in Asia
Improved organization contact database
New project ideas
Other benefits:
Question #3Have you cited the compendium as a reference (footnotes, bibliography, etc.) in any of your documents? If yes, please indicate the purpose of the document:
Policy-making Research/Brief
Other purpose:
Question #4How would you rate the coverage of this year's compendium (2005)?
Question #5What do you think of the format of 2005 compendium?
Question #6How often should the compendium be updated?
once a year
every 2 years
every 5 years
Question #7Do you think that this compendium will help prevent duplication of air quality-related projects and can contribute to coming up with more relevant and timely AQ projects?
Question #8Do you have any other comments? What are your suggestions for the next compendium?
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