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Partnership for Clean Indoor Air Website Launched

Winrock International has launched the Partnership for Clean Indoor Air(PCIA) website at PCIA's new site provides an exciting opportunity to enhance the Partnership's ability to fulfill it's mission to improve health, livelihood and quality of life by reducing exposure to indoor air pollution, primarily among women and children, from household energy use. Partners are working together to increase the use of clean, reliable, affordable, efficient, and safe home cooking and heating practices, and reduce people's exposure to elevated levels of indoor smoke.

New Partners can join PCIA by completing the 'Become a Partner' form, including information on your organization's work in household energy and health. This profile information will then be made available on the site, enabling Partners to become familiar with one another and share experiences in this arena. Partners can also join the PCIAonline listserve to receive Partnership announcements on such things as upcoming events and requests for proposals.

The website will be expanded as additional Partnership materials, activities, and information become available. The site is intended to supplement existing websites and web-based resources. Therefore, the site will link to relevant household energy and health websites on the "References" and "Partners" webpages. You are welcome to contribute to this valuable resource and communication tool.

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