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International Environmental Conference on World EXPO 2010
29-30 September 2004, Shanghai, China


Shanghai will host the World EXPO2010. "Better City & Better Life" is the theme for EXPO2010. To fulfil the city’s commitment to environmental improvement, i.e. to turn Shanghai into a sustainable city, Shanghai will launch a new round of city-wide redevelopment plans aimed at improving the environment and human settlements, and therefore providing a better urban environment for World EXPO 2010.

Shanghai Municipal Government, in collaboration with The World Bank and UNEP, would like to create this opportunity to bring together representatives from international organizations, leading cities in the world and EXPO hosting cities, environmental professionals and industries, to discuss their concerns as well as needs related to urban environmental issues, and explore possible paths and solutions for urban environmental sustainability. For this purpose, the International Environmental Conference on Green World EXPO will be held from September 29-30, 2004, in Shanghai, China.


The aim of this Conference is to facilitate the exchange of information among the participating cities and different organizations with regard to urban environmental management issues, particularly the improvement of urban eco-systems, to foster fruitful discussions and to promote greater co-operation and networking between Shanghai and the participating cities, international organizations, industries, as well as environmental professionals.


The conference will feature a number of presentations, as well as focused workshop sessions on the following topics:

  • City Environmental Strategy and Planning
  • Green City Concept and Practices
  • Energy and Air Pollution Control
  • Water and Wastewater Management
  • Solid Waste Management and Remediation of Contaminated Soil

A field tour visiting future EXPO site in Shanghai will be arranged during the Conference.

A "technology center" exhibition area featuring demonstrations of global resources for environmental management will be provided.


For more detailed information, please contact:

Mr. Wu Chengjian
Chief of International Cooperation Division, Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau
Tel: ++86-21-62262351
Fax: ++86-21-62117850
Email: [email protected]

Ms. Shi Min (Participants & Speakers)
International Cooperation Division, Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau
Tel: ++86-21-62262788
Fax: ++86-21-62117850
Email: [email protected]
Address: No 161, Alley 1038, Huashan Road, Shanghai, 200050, China

Mr. Liu Jian (Sponsors)
World Bank-Shanghai Environment Project Office
Tel: ++86-21-64728668
Fax: ++86-21-64726262
Email: [email protected]
Address: Room C, Floor 17, No 278, Wuxing Road, Shanghai, 200030, China

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