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Health Aspects of Air Pollution - WHO Report
Results from the WHO project “Systematic Review of Health Aspects of Air Pollution In Europe”

This report summarizes the most recent information on the health effects of air pollution. It is based on the results of a comprehensive review of scientific evidence organized by the World Health Organization in support of air pollution policy development in Europe, and in particular the European Commission’s Clean Air for Europe (CAFE) programme. The review indicates that air pollution at current levels still poses a considerable burden on health in Europe. Many different adverse effects have been linked to exposure to air pollution, including an increased risk of cardiopulmonary disease and a reduction in life expectancy of a year or more for people living in European cities. Some of these effects occur at very low concentrations that were previously considered safe. Taken together, the evidence is sufficient to strongly recommend further policy action to reduce levels of air pollutants, including particulates, nitrogen dioxide and ozone. It is reasonable to assume that a reduction in air pollution will lead to considerable health benefits.

Health Aspects of Air PollutionHealth Aspects of Air Pollution
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Executive SummaryExecutive Summary
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