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Confusion mars traffic ticket scheme in Metro
Margaux C. Ortiz and Leila B. Salaverria, Philippine Daily Inquirer (15 Jul 2004)

MANILA:Is thenew traffic ticket system in effect or what? Confusion marred the first day of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority's latest traffic project Thursday when many enforcers still confiscated the drivers' licenses of erring motorists.

But MMDA Traffic Operations Center Director Angelito Vergel de Dios was quick to clarify that the Metropolitan Traffic Ticket (MTT) system would be implemented gradually after it was launched Thursday.

MMDA officials had issued conflicting statements Thursday morning over the radio regarding the new system.

Robert Nacianceno, MMDA General Manager, said the scheme was only a pilot project that would be fully implemented in time. MMDA Chair Bayani Fernando said the project had not yet begun.

Vergel de Dios later clarified that there would be a gradual implementation of the project since enforcers would have to use up their Traffic Violation Receipt tickets first before they could issue the new MTTs. Licenses of violators would still be confiscated until the remaining 5,000 TVR booklets run out. However, enforcers with MTTs could return the drivers' licenses after copying important information about the violator, he added.

Under the new system, erring drivers are given MTTs. Their licenses are not confiscated.

They could pay their fines at any Metrobank branch nationwide instead of lining up to redeem their licenses.

Vergel de Dios said the new system could be fully implemented next week "when every TVR is accounted for."

The "no license confiscation" scheme has also drawn criticism from Manila policemen who said it would confuse not only motorists but traffic enforcers as well.

"The MMDA has not issued any memorandum asking traffic enforcers in Manila to stop confiscating licenses, although we learned from the media that there is such a scheme," said SPO2 Antonio Emmanuel, president of Manila's Finest Brotherhood Association (MFBAI). He added that enforcers in Manila have not even received the new set of tickets.

The MFBAI president also questioned the premise behind the project's implementation. The scheme is supposed to reduce incidents of mulcting.

"The lines at the MMDA centers in Manila are long, meaning enforcers really catch erring motorists," he said. "In reality, there are only a few enforcers who ask for money from the drivers."

Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer

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Salaverria, Leila B.
Ortiz, Margaux C.
Philippine Daily Inquirer

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