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Makati City stops honoring MMDA coding exemption
Karl Lester M. Yap, BusinessWorld (9 Aug 2004)

MAKATI CITY, PHILIPPINES: Makati City has stopped honoring exemptions to the Unified Vehicular Volume Reduction Program (UVVRP) given by the Metro Manila Development Authority effective July 16 as part of its city wide program to control the volume of traffic in the area.

According to Bartolome P. Agravante, Makati City Department of Public Safety executive officer, based on a local ordinance passed recently, Makati City would no longer accept UVVRP exemptions, and people who want to avail of the exemption in Makati would have to apply for a separate one given by city officials.

Those who want to apply can go to the Makati City Department of Public Safety located in the second floor of the Makati Central Fire Station, said Mr. Agravante.

They need to bring with them the official receipt and certificate of registration of the vehicles they wish to be exempted from the UVVRP scheme, as well as submit a legitimate reason why they should be given the privilege, he stated.

Among those considered valid are for medical purposes, such as patients needing to travel to a particular clinic or hospital for treatment especially those on a regular basis, or for companies that need to transport perishable goods to and from certain locations within Makati City.

The Makati City ordinance slaps a PhP250 fine for violators of the MMDA number-coding scheme.

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