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No sign of requested traffic lights
Goh Ee Koon, MetroKL (9 Aug 2004)

MALAYSIA: AN accident is waiting to happen at the corner of Kota Damansara’s main thoroughfare, Persiaran Kenanga, as it intersects with Jalan Camar 4/1.

The fast-moving traffic, a high slope that creates a blind spot and schoolchildren who prefer to cross the road rather than use the pedestrian bridge are combined risks that make it dangerous to just about any road user.

Problems began in August last year, when the NKVE exit to Kota Damansara was built.

In September last year, residents and business owners in the housing estate proposed that traffic lights be installed at the spot to reduce the danger. However, after almost a year, nothing has been done.

The greatest concern is for the schoolchildren who cross Persiaran Kenanga daily to get to Sections 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.

SMK Section 4 Kota Damansara Parent-Teacher Association chairman Baharudin Yatim said many of the children were those who cycled to school from flats like Cempaka Tanjung in Section 4 and the surrounding areas..

"Many simply cross the road on their bikes even though a lot of fast-moving vehicles use the road," he said, adding that even adults used the "short-cut" instead of crossing over using the pedestrian overhead bridge.

These residents do so to get to the Section 4 mosque or to buy groceries at shops in Jalan Camar 4/3.

Residents believe that if nothing was done to rectify the situation, it would be just a matter of time before an accident took place.

The edge of Jalan Camar 4/3 is partially blocked by a high slope, and cuts off visibility of oncoming traffic at a corner, thus making it even more dangerous.

"Some motorists might not realise that there actually is a junction here until the last minute, so installing traffic lights here to warn them is a good idea," said one resident by the name of May Lim.

Kota Damansara residents said former assemblyman Datuk Lum Weng Keong together with MPPJ officials had done a study of the roads in the area last year.

Two weeks ago, current Bukit Lanjan assemblyman Datuk Mokhtar Dahlan brought the matter up to the Public Works Department (JKR).

Residents can only wait and hope that their request for traffic lights is heard and acted upon this time around.

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